Window Shopping in L.A.

As might be expected when a good number of rich and famous people call the city home, Los Angeles is a land of luxury. In turn, this means that the window shopping scene in L.A. is especially top-notch, with dozens and dozens of luxury retailers sporting their wares for people to ogle over and dream about owning. Below, we’ve detailed where you’ll find some of the best window shopping in LA Read on to learn more!

Rodeo Drive

Rodeo Drive is not only one of the best shopping places in LA, but in the entire country, stands out for its spectacular array of designer boutiques from around the world. Browse the storefronts of designers like Chanel, Prada, and more. Peruse through luxury car showrooms. Your options are nearly endless.

The Grove

Tucked away in the Fairfax district, The Grove offers visitors some of the best shopping in Los Angeles. Attend a celebrity book signing at Barnes & Noble. See the fountain dance in a wonderful display. Grab a bite to eat at the adjacent Los Angeles Farmer’s Market, which functions as an enormous outdoor food mall where you can sample everything from classic hamburgers to dishes straight from Singapore.

Third Street Promenade

On the west side of Los Angeles, Third Street Promenade is king. Located in downtown Santa Monica, this shopping locale gives visitors the chance to not only enjoy retail therapy at places like Pac Sun, the Apple Store, Rip Curl, and Victoria’s Secret, but also to enjoy live performances from the bands that frequent the Promenade.

Venice Beach

Equal parts kitschy, touristy, and insanely fun, a stroll down the Venice Beach boardwalk will allow you to pick up souvenirs ranging from handcrafted art and sculptures to custom t-shirts and beach blankets. Just remember to bring your haggling A-game, as many of the stores lining the boardwalk have negotiable prices!

Beverly Hills Center: One Of The Best Places To Shop in

In L.A., Beverly Hills Center is where the celebrities go to shop. Take a peek at the storefronts of fashion houses like Gucci, Lacoste, and Diesel while keeping an eye out for a famous face you might recognize!

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