Come Experience the Iconic Venice Canals in Venice Beach Firsthand!

Derived from the innovative, inventive, and eccentric imagination of Venice Beach’s founder Abbot Kinney, the canals of Venice Beach leave a lasting impression in the minds of visitors long after they leave the city.

The Venice Beach canals represent an idyllic piece of paradise in the midst of a cool urban locale. Take a stroll and see them up-close for yourself and create an awesome Venice Beach vacation memory in the process!

More Information on This Unique Venice Beach Attraction

The story of the canals is closely tied with that of Abbot Kinney. Kinney was a man whose grand vision for what was once a patch of swampland included recreating the beauty, opulence, and classicism of Venice, Italy in Southern California. While Kinney’s overall vision for a near clone of Venice did not succeed, many elements of his extensive work in creating a new, American Venice remain—including Venice Beach’s renowned reputation for arts and culture, as well as the city’s expansive network of canals.

For the best walking experience along the Venice Beach canals, begin your journey next to the intersection of Pacific Ave. and Washington Blvd. A small sign on the corner of Washington Blvd. and Strongs Dr. will denote the Venice Canals Walkway, at which point you can turn and traverse the Venice Beach canals.

When you’re exploring along the canals, the traffic noises and urban aspects of Venice Beach recede into the distance and the serene atmosphere of charming waterfront houses and small watercraft like kayaks, canoes, and rowboats tethered to minute docks becomes prevalent.

Walkways cross the canals every so often, punctuated by manicured gardens and a wide range of elegant architecture. If you follow the walkways to Dell Ave. and then to Linnie Canal Park, you’ll be rewarded with the quaint sight of a duck pond and children’s playground.

The path of the walkways will eventually leave you with two options: return to your starting point, or continue on to see the other manmade islands of Venice. No matter which way you choose, you’re sure to have a great time.

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Photo Credit: Jon Sullivan / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain