Venice Beach Property Management

A Sleek Interactive Website

As the leading property management service in Venice Beach, we have an elite, efficient team dedicated to tailoring your property’s onboarding process in order to give you and your property the best representation possible. Our media professionals collect high-definition photos of the interior and exterior of your property using a high-end DSLR camera. Then, we compile a custom written description that highlights the specifics of each room of your home to appeal to a wide audience of clients. But that’s only the beginning of what we can do for you!

4K Video Production by Drone

It’s not just HD DSLR pictures of your property that we employ. We go a step further, taking 4K video footage of your property using a sophisticated drone. Once that’s done, we create an elegant video montage using the latest editing techniques. Then, we display the video on our website and on our global distribution platform, ensuring that no matter where potential clients across the world might live, they can see the exquisite beauty of your property in stunning detail. However, it’s not just the outside of your home that we highlight.

Interactive 3D Views Using Matterport

Potential guests can explore your property on a 3D high-definition virtual tour, made possible by a cutting-edge technology called Matterport. Generating a 3D map of your floor plan that showcases every polished detail, Matterport helps us showcase the standard of excellence that your property has to offer, inspiring your guests to keep booking your property and through our company in the future.

Global Distribution for the Greatest Exposure

When you use Luxury Rental Group to manage your property, you’ll find that our Venice Beach property management service is second to none. Utilizing all major languages, we advertise your property on 150 of the most widely-accessed international distribution systems across the globe. Under our services, we send out notifications to 2,500 real estate agents on the international market, providing them with details on your property and how their clients might benefit from staying there. We use our strong network of upscale luxury travel agents, concierge services, and wholesale companies to extend the reach of your property all over the world.

An Industry Leader in Homeowner Services

At Luxury Rental Group, we operate as a professional and full-service luxury vacation rental agency dedicated to helping our homeowners achieve success through their vacation properties. We help in every imaginable capacity, from tackling marketing to managing guests on a full- or part-time basis. Property management companies in Venice Beach are top notch!

Knowing that each home and home owner will have their own needs and expectations, we offer a complimentary evaluation that gives homeowners insight into the projected income, inventory requirements, and amenity requirements needed for your property. After passing our review, we can help you through every step of the process in order to make the returns on your investment as easy and successful as possible.

Let Luxury Rental Group do the work for you and rest easy!