Take a Stroll on Venice Beach’s Famous Boardwalk

Whether you’re staying in Venice Beach or elsewhere in Los Angeles, no trip to L.A. is complete without seeing Venice Beach’s boardwalk. An iconic and colorful area where the beauty of the ocean and the beach meets the bustling urban landscape, the Venice Beach Boardwalk is home to an eclectic mix of arts, culture, shopping, dining, and more. It’s a must-see stop on your vacation itinerary!

Further Details on This Iconic Venice Beach Attraction

Often cited as the perfect place to people watch or scoop up a souvenir or two from your stay, the Venice Beach boardwalk has much to offer in the way of entertainment. Spend your idle hours walking, skating, or biking along its vibrant path and you’ll come across cutting-edge restaurants, one-of-a-kind homes, a diverse collection of live performers, and a wide range of shops.

Visit Muscle Beach and see where former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger gained his fame as a body builder at the classic Gold’s Gym during the 1980s. Watch a live performance by street musicians, mimes, jugglers, artists, dancers, but be sure to bring plenty of one dollar bills for tipping. Indulge in doing something out of the ordinary, like a fortune-telling session, caricature drawing, or temporary tattoo. Pick up something unique and handmade from one of the many vendors lining the street, from arts and crafts to t-shirts and sunglasses. Pick up a surfboard or skateboard in this mecca of Californian pastimes as well. Tried-and-true performers include an escape artist, a chainsaw juggler, a roller skater who plays electric guitar as he rides, a man covered in gold who impersonates a robot, and a man who walks on glass.

The Venice Beach boardwalk is also home to the Venice Art Crawl, in which visitors and locals alike can experience the variety of art galleries and installations that Venice Beach has to offer. These free public events take place one per month, and are a great way to immerse yourself in the dynamic art culture of Venice Beach.

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