Vacation Rentals in Santa Monica California

Unlike some of the other property management companies, when you rent from Luxury Rental Group, you have your choice of properties in a variety of cities. If you want to stay in Bel Air, we have Bel Air vacation rentals; if you want to stay in Los Angeles, we have Los Angeles vacation rentals; and if you want to stay in Santa Monica, yep, you guessed it, we have vacation rentals in Santa Monica California as well!

Making it easier to explore the city you’ve chosen without the hassle of rental cars, ride share services, or even bus systems, our homes, no matter where they are located, share many common traits. All are luxurious, yet somehow manage to retain that hominess that makes you feel like you’ve landed in a place you never want to leave. Here is some information about our vacation rentals Santa Monica Beach. The most difficult decision you will have to make from here is choosing which fantastic place you want to stay in!


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From the Smallest of Condos to the Largest of Homes with our vacation rentals in Santa Monica California

Our vacation rentals in Santa Monica California are uniquely beautiful and exquisitely luxurious, offering “extras” that are included, and other, more exclusive extras that you can purchase for an additional fee. Multi-car garages, multi-media play rooms and rooftop decks that allow you to see for miles are some of the more common extras that are included in your costs, while concierge services, personal chef services, and event planning services can be purchased by those who really enjoy being pampered!

The interiors of our vacation rentals in Santa Monica California are spacious and bright, filled with luxury amenities that can make your life so much easier, including high end furnishings, cloud soft beds in which only happy dreams happen, and fully equipped kitchens stocked with stainless steel appliances that make creating gourmet meals a dream. Santa Monica residents are among the luckiest in the world, and while you may only be a resident for a week or so, you will count yourself as lucky from the moment the key turns in the lock and the door opens to reveal the elegant abode that will be yours!

Shopping Santa Monica, vacation rentals on the beach

Venturing out on the streets of Santa Monica will open up a world to you that you never dreamed possible. Shop where the stars shop, as Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills is just a few short miles away from your Luxury Rental Group vacation rentals in Santa Monica California. This street is lined with all the fantasy stores of your dreams. Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and so many more make their homes on Rodeo Drive, and it will make you wonder why it took you so long to visit!

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