US Bank Skyslide in Los Angeles

Warning: If you are in any way afraid of heights, slides, or any combination of the aforementioned, you might want to move on to the next article in our series of exciting things to do during your stay in one of our Luxury Rental Group vacation escapes! This activity is one of those experiences definitely geared towards daredevils. While a ride on a slide may sound slightly innocuous, a ride on a glass slide that descends 1000 feet may be a bit off-putting to some! Read on to learn more about the thrilling Skyslide in Los Angeles.

Located at 633 West 5th Street

Completed in 1989, the US Tower is officially the 15th tallest skyscraper in the United States. The tower today has a glass light that changes colors for different events and is always revolving, but it’s what’s inside that gives visitors goosebumps. In 2014, the OUE Skyspace opened, giving the people of Los Angeles a new play area. Costing $25 per person to access the Skydeck, the views from here will change your life, but it’s the slide (costing an additional $8 per person per ride) that will truly rock your world!

After passing through an interactive exhibit area on the 54th floor that includes a walk over glass that reveals a bottom many stories below, you’ll head up to the 70th floor for more views of the Los Angeles skyscape and the beginning of your LA Skyslide adventure. Stepping up on a platform, you’ll be given a rectangular blanket to sit on, and with a little scoot of your boot, the ride begins. 1000 feet really doesn’t last that long, but as you are ensconced in a glass tube, allowing unobstructed views of the city outside the tower building, it lasts long enough for most people! If you feel you need more excitement, no one is going to stop you from buying another ticket to the slide in the clouds. Ending at another observation deck offering more views, the line for this once in a lifetime ride is a long one, but absolutely worth the wait!

You May Need Some Comforting After Your Ride in the Clouds

Coming home to your Luxury Rental Group vacation getaway will soothe even the most ragged nerves. Pour yourself a glass of wine, sink into the colorful and plush sofa, and feel the warmth of our impeccably decorated homes comfort and soothe. Reserve your stay today and make an adventure on the US Bank Skyslide in Los Angeles part of your vacation itinerary!