Top Party Spots for Nightlife Los Angeles

nightlife in Los Angeles

The Los Angeles party scene is vast and varied, with locations all over town catering to a myriad of tastes. When you’re looking to drink and dance all night long, look no further than the list we’ve put together below. Read on to learn more about nightlife in Los Angeles!

Where to Go for Unforgettable Nightlife in Los Angeles

In L.A., you can essentially break down the best nightlife in Los Angeles into clubs, bars, and lounges. What’s the difference between a club and a lounge? Price and ambiance, mainly. L.A. is known the world over for its swanky club atmosphere, with velvet ropes and veteran celebrities making appearances. But if you’re looking for something just as fun without the fuss, a lounge is the way to go.

The Well on Sunset Boulevard has a mod atmosphere and great music that makes it some of the best nightlife in Los Angeles. The Brig in Abbot Kinney (the chic section of Venice) also has an elegant, mod-influenced interior with laid-back games of pool and handcrafted cocktails. Stop by the Dresden Room, which has its own lounge act and once had an appearance in the 1996 film Swingers.

If you can’t comprehend the idea of nightlife in Los Angeles without a great drink, you’re in luck; L.A. is home to a plethora of breweries and cocktail lounges. For beer, you’ll want to try places like Father’s Office, Golden Road Brewing (which has its own outdoor bar games), The Library Alehouse, Sunset Beer, and Eagle Rock Brewery. High-quality cocktails, meanwhile, can be enjoyed at Tiki-Ti tiki bar, the grand upscale Casa del Mar, the speakeasy Oldfields, the retro Melrose Umbrella Company, the industrial vibe of The Edison, or the incredible No Vacancy, which has patrons enter through a hidden staircase under a bed.

Of course, visitors who love dancing will find that no night is complete without it! The best dance clubs range from salsa and Latin-themed clubs to high-energy gay clubs. Clubs with a strong Latin influence include El Floridita in Hollywood, Mayan in downtown L.A. (which has a strict dress code) and La Plaza on La Brea. The highlight of the gay club scene includes The Abbey, Micky’s, Factory, Rage, and Akbar. Meanwhile, younger crowds will love Avalon, Bardot, Cinespace, and The Echo.

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