Top 5 Tours in LA

See the Hollywood Sign on one of these Top 5 Tours in LAThe best way to get to know your way around an area that is new to you, especially when vacationing, is to take advantage of the various tour packages available to you in that region. Take an LA tour of the architecture in the city and take note of areas you want to explore more in-depth; be romantic and view the town from above when you charter a helicopter tour; participate in a luxury tour of the rich and discover a lifestyle you could easily grow accustomed to living. Check out five of the best LA tours below and learn a little about the City of Angels!

Architecture Tours in LA

Ride in air-conditioned comfort to some of the most unique parts in Los Angeles, including downtown, Hollywood, and Beverly Hills as you get to explore the beauty of the very old, the very new, and the very modern. The Hollywood Tour also includes a trip to the Hollywood Sign and is one of the best LA tours.

Six Taste

You can’t go wrong on your epicurean journey if you participate in this culinary tour of Los Angeles. Discover all the secret eateries that only the locals know and taste why they are so popular! Tours of Chinatown, Santa Monica, and the New Arts District are popular choices as well.

Orbic Air

If you’re looking for a unique perspective of Los Angeles, why not start from above while looking down? An LA tour by helicopter is becoming the latest and greatest way to see our town, and the tours will take you over Malibu, by the Hollywood Sign, and pretty much anywhere you think is interesting!

All Star Showbiz Tours

Here’s an opportunity to see how the other half lives; the Allstar Showbiz Tours bus takes you to where your favorite celebrities live! Lasting from two and a half hours to eight hours long, your trip through Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, the Sunset Strip, and along the beautiful beaches makes this easily one of the best LA tours!

Another Side of Los Angeles Tours

Would you like to live the lifestyle of your favorite celeb? Another Side of Los Angeles Tours allows you to do just that when you participate in their wine tasting and spa tour! Do we really need to say anything else about this sumptuous LA tour offering? It’s sure to be a highlight of your trip!

Because All of This Touring Can Be Exhausting

You will be thankful that you thought ahead and booked a Luxury Rental Group vacation home to relax and recharge in after the tours are complete—reserve yours today!