Top 5 Spas in Los Angeles

Include one of these LA spas in your vacation itninerary.Let’s be frank for a moment: Being an adult is hard. Every morning, we wake up long before we are ready and work a job that we like, but really isn’t our passion, only to come home each evening to make dinner, help kids with homework, and do the chores around the house that only we seem to notice need to be done. Even weekends are filled with chores, errands, and the occasional glass of wine (we need to make adulting tolerable somehow!), and by the time our annual vacation rolls around, we are completely wiped out and wishing that someone would take care of us for a change! And that’s when it hits you: Why can’t this vacation be an LA spa vacation? It’s time to take the difficulty out of adulting and visit at least one of the five top spas in Los Angeles spas listed below!

Wi Spa, 2700 Wilshire Boulevard in Koreatown

Open 24 hours and offering every luxury amenity you can imagine, there are even rooms set aside for you to check your emails or text messages in between services. But do you really want to let real life intrude on such a splendid moment at this LA spa?

Burke Williams, On of the Top Spas in Los Angeles

Burke Williams is the first and last name in spas in Los Angeles, and nearly every city in Southern California has one of his centers. Live the posh life in soft white robes as you experience one or more of their treatments. The Transformative Journeys Package in particular will pamper every inch of your body!

The Now, 7611 Beverly Boulevard

Traveling and exploring can do a real number on muscles already tensed and strained from the travails of real life, and the massage sessions at The Now, one of the top spas in Los Angeles, will help restore inner peace as their knowledgeable touch chases away the pain. Offering everything from a simple chair massage to a crystal healing massage, you will forever be willing to live in The Now.

The Blossom Spa Hollywood, 1354 N Highland Avenue

Charming, intimate, and offering a variety of spa services, The Blossom is a great place to go for a couple’s treatment. The Lotus Couple’s Retreat is reasonably priced, offering massages, relaxation in the Lotus Lounge and a beverage of your choice.

Voda Spa, 7700 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood

Sometimes the tried and true method is the only way to go, but Voda Spa knows that to get ahead, you must move ahead, and their mixture of time-honored spa traditions and modern advancements gives this spa the edge that makes it the most desired spas in Los Angeles.

All This Relaxation is Making Us Tired!

Let the pampering continue when you return to your Luxury Rentals Group vacation home. Swim in the pool under the cheerful California sun, soak in the hot tub on cool nights, and sleep dreamlessly and deep in beds that could be mistaken for clouds. Reserve yours today and make this next vacation all about you!