Top 5 Hot Spots for Sightseeing in LA

Disneyland is perhaps the most obvious stop when you are sightseeing in LAWhen visiting Los Angeles, the most difficult part of your trip may be narrowing down the list of all the places you are simply “dying” to visit. LA is an exciting place filled with attractions that draws tourists from all over the world. But because time is limited, or interests are varied, you may be needing some direction or guidance to ensure that you see it all of the Los Angeles sightseeing hot spots, and Luxury Rental Group is here to help! Our staff has spent much of their precious off-time visiting the sights, comparing the wow factors, and after much contemplation and discussion, have chosen the following five Los Angeles sightseeing spots as ones that definitely cannot be skipped!


Ok, we’ve started with the big guns, and more than likely it wasn’t necessary to add this theme park wonderland to the list, but how can we not? You can’t go sightseeing in LA and NOT visit the Happiest Place on Earth; it’s practically illegal not to! Our most favorite place inside the park is the Blue Bayou Restaurant, hidden inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride!

Laugh Factory, 8001 Sunset Boulevard

What better place to view tomorrow’s stars than in the belly of the place that bred today’s most hilarious comedians? The Laugh Factory has been a comedic staple in LA since 1979. Jerry Seinfeld, Tim Allen, Dave Chappelle, and many more have made us laugh from the stage of this venerable institution. Who’s going to be next?

La Brea Tar Pits, 5801 Wilshire Boulevard

Surprisingly, many people forget about this hot spot when they are sightseeing in LA, but future paleontologists understand the importance of this sticky spot. Over 11,000 years ago, Los Angeles wasn’t the populous city of today; it was home to prehistoric animals ranging from the American Mastodon to the Harlan Ground Sloth. Today, excavations have helped us take a peek into the distant past!

Sunset Boulevard, the Ultimate Los Angeles Sightseeing Hot Spot

Is it possible that Sunset Boulevard is the only street in America with a movie made about it? Probably not, but this street is the center of everything that makes Los Angeles special! Visit the Viper Room, where superstar River Phoenix breathed his last breath, or celebrate life in the very spot many of today’s rock stars had their humble beginnings. The Whisky a Go Go is the hot spot of the strip!

Haunted Tales of Downtown Los Angeles

The scary underbelly of the glitz and glamour of downtown LA is revealed in this creepy tour that covers many areas of our favorite town. Learn about the Black Dahlia, the Chinatown Massacre of 1871, the bombing of the LA Times building, and many more tales of our city’s woe as you travel to various locations throughout Los Angeles.

Your Trip to the City of Angels

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