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Top Los Angeles Facts You May Not Know

Los Angeles is one of the most populous cities in the United States, but you probably already knew that. While there are plenty of fun facts about Los Angeles that most of us know, there are just as many you probably do not know. Here are the top Los Angeles facts you may not know.

Fun Facts about Los Angeles: Not the Founding Name

Los Angeles was not known by this name when it was first founded. Instead, it was called El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora Reina de los Angeles-quite more of a mouthful than its modern name!

Oil Everywhere

When you think of oil, you probably think of Texas or the Middle East. Los Angeles has actually been producing oil since the late 1800s and has been a top supplier since the 1920s. In fact, Los Angeles is among the top three oil fields in all of the United States.

Raining Cats and Dogs

One of the least known Los Angeles facts is that when it rains in Los Angeles, you can expect quite the pour. On April 5, 1926, over an inch of rain was collected in just under one minute, and in 1978, over a foot of rain was collected in 24 hours.

Start of Hollywood

The movie industry was not always located in Los Angeles. The city was founded to be away from Thomas Edison, who claimed most of the movie patents back in the day. By moving westward, filmmakers were able to work around his intellectual property.

Ancient Creatures

On our list of fun facts about Los Angeles you probably didn’t know is also the recently discovered tar pit. In 2006, a tar pit was discovered that held the remains of saber-toothed cats, mammoths, lions, giant sloths, and more.


The infamous Hollywood sign did not always call out that particular part of Los Angeles. The original sign was “Hollywoodland” and was an advertisement for real estate property in the area. The sign eventually fell to ruin before being refurbished.

Dodger Stadium

You can find a parking spot at every structure of Dodger Stadium. This is able to be done as the stadium was built into the ground with no other stadium like it. Don’t be like Charlie Sheen, who once purchased all of the outfield seats in the stadium to catch a homerun ball; unfortunately, he was less than successful at this endeavor.

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