Top 5 Brunch Spots in Los Angeles

Everyone loves breakfast, but everyone loves sleeping in, too—how can we reconcile the two? With a wonderful brunch to start the day late! Los Angeles has a strong history of amazing restaurants, from the homey to the avant-garde, so whatever you wake up with a craving for, you’ll find it in LA dining.

Overland Café

With reasonably cheap bottomless champagne on weekends, it’s no surprise that Overland Café has a sizable following! Hearty waffles, huevos rancheros with a twist, and other specialties further Overland’s fame. It’s not a quiet place to eat, but it is a delicious one—especially for anyone who could live off of mimosas. The café is near northwest of Venice Boulevard, on Overland Avenue.

Lunetta All Day

Out near Santa Monica, you’ll find Lunetta All Day. (Despite the name, it’s open from 7:30 a.m. to 10 p.m., opening at 8 on weekends.) It’s a diner that, like many places to eat in LA looks to capitalize on the eating-local, growing-local scene. Their breakfast is served until 4 p.m., so there’s no hurry! Come on in at noon for your eggs or your California-inspired breakfast sandwich. Lunetta is on Pico Boulevard, north of Cloverfield Boulevard.

Barbara Jean

Here’s a great go-to for those in West Hollywood. Not your father’s brunch, Barbara Jean takes soul food inspiration and turns it into a fantastic kick-start to your day. With options like omelets, wheat pancakes, and fried fish and grits, you can recuperate here no matter how hard you partied the night before! Find Barbara Jean on Melrose Avenue, between Gardner Street and Vista Street.


A French bistro where brunch takes center stage, République is a little on the pricey side but incomparable in quality among the places to eat in LA. Fancy dishes from savory pastries to delectable sweets, the bakery takes center stage here and elevates bread products to their pinnacle of addictive decadence. The bakery is in west Los Angeles, north of Wilshire Boulevard.


This is another fine spot for a bite, with a lovely interior that lets you enjoy a cool and calming escape from the bustle of the city. The diner does a nice brunch with specialty classics like pastries and coffee that will set the bar for any other brunch you try. Winsome also features midday options like chicken salad for those feeling more awake. It’s conveniently close to Echo Park, on White Knoll Drive off of Sunset Boulevard.

After the LA Dining: Stay and Play in LA

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