Top 5 Best Bars in Los Angeles CA

Check out this list of the best bars in Los Angeles CASometimes you want to see and be seen, and other times you may want to sit quietly in a corner, sipping your beverage as you watch the show that unfolds around you. You’re complex and versatile, and you want your choice of bars in Los Angeles to visit during your stay! Fortunately, Los Angeles is a city of opposites, and when you have the Luxury Rental Group on your side, your options for a fun night out multiply exponentially! From country bars and craft beer bars to rooftop bars and rock bars, your night out on the town is promised to be one you never forget! Here are the best bars in Los Angeles CA:

Frank ‘n Hank, 518 South Western Avenue

You have probably heard stories of people who are quietly drinking in their favorite dive bar and suddenly realize that the quiet drinker sitting next to them is a superstar celeb. Well, they are true, and the chances of that happening to you rank high when you visit Frank ‘n Hank in LA. Don’t forget to raid the ATM before you go, however, because this simple honkytonk is cash only!

Southland Beer, 740 South Western Avenue #112

Craft beer has become the trendy new adult beverage, and Southland Beer, although it may be a little difficult to find, is the spot to visit when you have a craving for an ice cold one. Featuring 20 taps and a small plate menu, the Sans Pagaie American Wild Ale is a popular choice.

The Rooftop, 550 South Flower Street

One of the best bars in Los Angeles, this popular watering hole is the type of place you visit when you want the world to see you as you watch the views of Los Angeles. Only the coolest and the hottest manage to get inside to party with the beautiful people; if you get chosen, the heated pool and waterbed pods will be an experience you won’t soon forget!

Love Hate Rock Bar, 5226 Pomona Boulevard

The lights are low, the music is loud, and the beer is ice cold. This rock and roll bar offers a fun night without attitude! No one knows who you are wearing and no one cares! Rock and Roll is here to stay, and the Love Hate Rock Bar is a local favorite!

Precinct DTLA, one of the best bars in Los Angeles, 357 South Broadway

Trendy gay bars are the backbone of Los Angeles, and Precinct DTLA is the flavor of the moment. Drag contests, live music, and scantily dressed men add to the ambience of fabulous fun!

Last Call

And when the lights come up, signifying the end of the fun and festivities for the night, you won’t be sad, because you know you can bring your party back to your Luxury Rentals Group vacation home! Reserve yours today and pop a cold one in comfort and luxury!