The Getty Center

The Getty Center in Los Angeles

The Getty Center in Los Angeles Most people think of Los Angeles as a gateway to Hollywood, picturing glamorous movie stars, golden beaches, and theme parks filled with exciting rides and fun attractions. L.A. is all of that and so much more. Los Angeles has a hopping nightlife, a vibrant shopping district, and yes, even museums filled with priceless examples of history that compare favorably with the grand museums you have dreamed of visiting your entire life.

The Getty Center in Los Angeles is one such monument, featuring European Art of the Masters, with furniture, stained glass, paintings, and pottery from as far back as the year 1150, as well as ancient manuscripts, including the Sacramentary that dates back to the first quarter of the 11th century. Drawing over 1.7 million visitors annually, the Getty Center is large enough to require multiple trips during your vacation—or multiple vacations to the Los Angeles area!

The Exhibitions

Constantly changing, the Getty Center Museum is one of the most visited museums in the United States, offering a comprehensive look into the art of times past and a peek into what the future may hold. Current exhibitions feature an opportunity to explore the ancient world (Remembering Antiquity: The Ancient World through Medieval Eyes), an examination of the way we have viewed the news over the decades (Breaking News: Turning the Lens on Mass Media), and the works of one of the world’s finest painters (Degas: Russian Dancers and the Art of Pastel).

In addition to these transitory exhibits, a permanent exhibit on the man for whom this museum is named (J. Paul Getty Life and Legacy) allows the world to see what life must have been like for the world’s richest man. The gardens of the Getty Center are world renowned and ever changing, with the Central Garden (over 134,000 square feet in size) being an evolving work of art. Follow the peaceful pathways through gardens filled with hundreds of different plants and trees and enjoy spectacular views of the mountains, ocean, and the towns surrounding.

The Important Details

Located at 1200 Getty Center Drive in Los Angeles, The Getty Center should be considered an important part of your vacation itinerary. Open every day, except Monday’s, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s, admission is free, so this is one attraction that will be easy on your vacation budget. Parking does cost $15—$10 after 3:00 PM—and you can leave to get lunch and come back in the afternoon without being charged twice.

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