Condos In Venice Beach CA For Your Romantic Vacation

When you think of Venice Beach, you can’t help but think of surfers practicing their moves for the next big open and carnival barkers luring tourists into their traveling side shows with promises of animals with genetic deficiencies. However, there are some condos in Venice Beach, CA that are actually romantic and make a pretty good place for a date. If you want to romance that special someone on Muscle Beach, you should go during the week and during a season other than summer. The tourist population will be lessened during these months and you can explore some of Venice’s quieter and more sophisticated spots.

The Strand Bike Path

There are many bike rental places on Venice Beach, and some of them even offer bicycles built for two. You can pack a picnic and head for one of the beach’s more remote areas. The sunset over the rough waters of this beach is beautiful and makes for a perfect backdrop for a romantic dinner for two.

The Venice Canals

Unfortunately, there are no gondolas on these canals, but they do smell a whole lot better than the ones in Italy. It is, however, a very pleasant place to take a moonlight stroll.

The Boardwalk

The Boardwalk is definitely popular with tourists, but there are a few attractions along the way that may make for a good date. You can ask a fortune teller or tarot card reader about your future together or buy your date a handmade piece of jewelry to wear. You can enjoy a glass of wine at an open-air café as you watch the interesting and diverse people of Venice parade by.
If you walk down the 3rd Street Promenade you will find many fabulous restaurants that have the dim lighting, strong libations, and rich food that sets the mood for romance.

Our Condos in Venice Beach CA

Nothing ruins a romantic evening quite like a lack of appropriate lodging. You and your partner deserve the perfect place to come home to on your romantic getaway. The rental professionals at Luxury Rental Group can find you amazing condos in Venice, CA. We have homes with breathtaking views and cozy living areas. Our bedrooms come furnished with lots of closet space and beds that are adorned with high quality sheets. Our bathrooms have his and her sinks and sunken tubs, and our kitchens are perfect for cooking a fabulous meal for two. Give us a call today at 800-712-2800.