Romantic Things to Do in Los Angeles

list of romantic things to do in Los AngelesRomance is hard to come by and even harder to maintain, and if you have been in a relationship for any length of time, this is a fact that you know all too well. Real life doesn’t allow for too many conversations that last late into the night, elegant dinners that don’t involve a playground or self-serve drinks, or long romantic kisses; the shorter members of your family often interrupt with cries of “he hit me” or moans of disgust. Real life doesn’t play fair when it comes to romance, and this is why now is the time to start planning your romantic Los Angeles getaway. Grandma will be thrilled to keep your tiny tykes company for a few days while you escape to find romantic things to do in Los Angeles!

Breakfast in Bed

The bedroom of your Luxury Rental Group vacation home away from home is designed to be a bastion of peace and tranquility—take advantage of it! Take turns running out for a bagel breakfast for two to bring back to your partner, and don’t forget the mimosas; you can prepare those in the gourmet chef’s kitchen!

Re-enact the Beach Kissing Scene from the Famous Movie

Remember when you couldn’t get enough of the person you love most? Kissing was your favorite thing to do, and a long passionate kiss as you frolic in the waters of the Pacific Ocean at Santa Monica Beach is sure to re-kindle the embers—warning before you indulge in this romantic activity in Los Angeles be prepared to find sand in some unfortunate places later!

Sunset on the Balcony

Pour a glass of wine and settle comfortably into the chairs on the balcony of your Luxury Rental Group home away from home. Hold her hand as you sit and watch a Los Angeles sunset; it will take your breath away!

Dinners with a View – 27400 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu

Enjoy a glass of wine, a plate filled with fresh seafood, and views of the ocean at Geoffrey’s at Malibu. This is a romantic experience from the start! Conversations flow effortlessly—had you forgotten how your wife’s hair glistens like gold in the candle light? Remind her you still notice and she will love you even more.

Moonlight Strolls Along the Beach

Enjoy romantic things to do in Los Angeles with the water splashing lightly against the tan sands of Malibu Lagoon State Beach, the salty scent teasing your nostrils, and a light breeze blowing tangling your love’s hair; there is nowhere else you will want to be at this moment! Tomorrow, you may need to return to the hustle and bustle of reality, but right here and right now, the night promises to last indefinitely while you walk along the beach.

Los Angeles is definitely a romantic place to visit, so why not make it more romantic by booking one of our vacation rentals today!