Renegade Craft Fair

Each year in Los Angeles the Renegade Craft Fair is put on to showcase and celebrate the contemporary handmade arts featuring some of the country’s most foremost voices in craft and design. This annual event is a great way to discover rarities, shop from emerging artists, and take in the creativity all while eating from delicious food trucks and enjoying a live DJ. This exciting event is typically held in the spring and winter of each year, giving you plenty of opportunities to explore the handmade arts scene in Los Angeles.

Spring Event

Springtime is one of the most enjoyable seasons in Los Angeles as the weather is cool and breezy with the sun to keep you just warm enough. The spring Renegade Craft Fair happened on April 21st and 22nd with a line-up that drew plenty of interest. Notable local artists and their shops that attended included Basik Candle Co., Daughter of the Land, Dea Dia, Silk Diaries, and Calhoun & Co. just to name a few.

Winter Event

The Renegade Craft Fair is held in over a dozen cities across the year, but truly finds it’s home in Los Angeles. This event is drawn to the vibrant maker community and perennial sunshine, allowing the winter season to hold another exciting event. This year’s winter event will take place on December 8th and 9th at the Los Angeles State Historic Park to reward innovation and individuality to all of the local businesses and artists in the city. Similar to the spring event, you will find exceptional goods, gorgeous downtown views, and the sounds of vinyl rarities. Nothing quite shows off the beauty of downtown Los Angeles better than a gathering of local artists with the sun slowly setting in the backdrop. The Renegade Craft Fair is free to attend.

Prepping Your Trip

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