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We are often told that the only certainties in life are death and taxes, but we at the Luxury Rental Group think that change should be added to that list. People change from children to adults, small towns become large cities, and neighborhoods that were once rundown industrial areas become urban communities much desired by homeowners and vacationers from across the nation. The Platinum Triangle in Anaheim is once such community; it also happens to hold some of our finest luxury short term rentals Los Angeles. If industrial chic is a style you love, your fingers will be flying over the keyboard to rent one before they are gone!


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Platinum Triangle Vacation Homes: The Warmth of History

Say what you will, but new builds will never have the same appeal or warmth as a building that has stood the test of time. Even commercial structures have absorbed the emotions of their employees over decades of use. High ceilings echo the laughter of hard working men and women, while the warm wooden floors reflect the history of all the feet that trod upon them over time.

Building on that history, Platinum Triangle Anaheim Vacation homes ‘ granite countertops and stainless-steel appliances in our fully equipped kitchens add a touch of family that is both sleek and modern. Living areas in our luxury short term rentals Los Angeles are uncluttered and serene, featuring floor to ceiling windows that showcase the urban neighborhood below. The bedrooms provide a sanctuary for people who seek a peaceful night’s sleep after a long day of sightseeing or playing at one of the many theme parks in the area. Spa-like bathrooms cocoon guests in warmth and serenity, with generously sized soft white towels made for real people’s bodies, deep soaking tubs that allow you to ease muscles strained from walking too many miles, and shower heads that rain gently down over you for those that prefer a standing shower to a reclining soak.

In the Neighborhood

Urban developments such as this one are built to give a sense of family and closeness to their inhabitants; everything of importance is within walking distance of the home you will be staying in, including grocery stores, biking trails, sports stadiums, and posh boutiques. Your stay in the neighborhood at the Beverly Hills Platinum Triangle Anaheim vacation homes is guaranteed to be one that you will never forget!

Reserve Yours Today!

The best vacations start with the best accommodations, and the Beverly Hills Platinum Triangle vacation homes rented out by Luxury Rental Group are amongst the best in town. Isn’t it time you started planning your unforgettable California vacation?

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