Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals in Hollywood, California

There is always a moment when you go to leave on vacation that you look at your feet and see your furry friend with the most pathetic eyes looking up at you. Most of the time we have to say no to that adorable face, but not when you visit the Sunset Strip Hollywood Hills. Los Angeles has a multitude of different pet friendly spots to help you and your pet with separation anxiety. Not only are there great attractions for you and your furry friend, but we also have some rentals that will happily accept your furry friend into the home. When you are looking to stay in vacation rentals in Hollywood, CA, make sure to check out Luxury Rental Group.


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Like most of our properties, our pet friendly vacation rentals in Hollywood, California are equipped with top-quality amenities that you will not find in the hotel equivalent. Flat screen TVs and wide, comfortable couches come standard, of course, and the beds are of a higher caliber to ensure a good night’s rest. The kitchens are stocked with everything you need to maintain your routine. Whether that involves toast, coffee, tea, or wine, you’ll find the appliances and dishes you need. Many of the homes are also equipped to house your furry friend. These amenities vary by location, but include things like doggy doors, food and dog bowls and comfy couches for them to lounge about. You and your pets will love these amazing vacation rentals.

You will never have to waste a minute of your time on practical concerns. We offer off-street parking, so you don’t have to drive around looking for a parking space after that day at the dog park. We provide big washers and dryers, so you don’t have to spend money on a laundry service. Some of our homes come with a concierge service, so they can find you a dog walker, if the need should arise. The concierge can also stock your fridge with plenty of food for both you and Fido. If you don’t feel like cooking or cleaning, some properties can hook you up with a private chef and a housekeeping service. We even offer personal shoppers who can outfit you for a night on the town.

We also offer swimming pools and hot tubs that are strictly for human enjoyment. When you are done swimming, you will find our bathrooms have sunken tubs and wide showers. We provide plenty of toiletries and luxurious towels. Some homes even have outdoor showers.

Hollywood Hills Pet Friendly Spots

There are many pet friendly spots in the Hollywood Hills that you should visit. One of the best locations is the Westridge-Canyonback Wilderness Park. Deep in the eastern Santa Monica Mountains in the City of Los Angeles, Westridge-Canyonback provides more than 1,500 acres of open space bordered by upper Mandeville Canyon, Sullivan Canyon, Mission Canyon, and San Vicente Mountain Park. The park is accessible from both the San Fernando Valley and West Los Angeles. The Westridge fire road provides trail access for hikers, mountain bikers and equestrians along the north-south ridgeline. The park is contiguous with the 20,000-acre urban wilderness park known as the “Big Wild.”

Another favorite is the pet friendly location is The Grove in Hollywood. The ultimate destination for entertainment, The Grove offers shopping, dining, and enjoyment in a pet-friendly (and child-friendly) atmosphere. The grove has plenty of restaurants that cater to you and your pet, along with plenty of walking space to enjoy the outdoors.

If you are like most dog parents, you think your baby is cute enough to be in pictures. You may want to take him or her to an audition. If Fido is camera shy, you can go out to breakfast at The Waffle or go out for a walk down Hollywood Boulevard, where he can see if his or her paws are the same size as Rin Tin Tin’s.


Our beautiful vacation rentals in Hollywood, California come complete with tastefully appointed interior decoration and plenty of fine furnishings and high-quality appliances.

Our living rooms have cozy living rooms where you can watch a movie on cable. You will be comfortable in every room because we have air conditioning and ceiling fans for the summer months and central heating for the winter.

Our bedrooms offer a private and quiet place to recover from your busy day and rest up for the next day’s fun. We offer blackout shades for privacy and plenty of closet space for all those souvenir tee shirts and squeaky toys you will acquire when you are in Tinseltown.

Our bathrooms have sunken tubs and wide showers. We provide plenty of toiletries and luxurious towels. We even have some homes with jet tubs.

Why Choose Luxury Rental Group

At Luxury Rental Group, we’re committed to creating your perfect vacation. If you are planning a trip to the Los Angeles area, make sure you check out one of our pet friendly vacation rentals in Hollywood, CA to see which one of our homes would be best for your next trip! You and your dog deserve the best, so be sure to book online or call us today at (800) 712-2800.

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