Pet Friendly Beverly Hills Vacation Homes

Do you love your furry friend like a member of your family? Do you wish that you could bring them with you everywhere you go? Well, in Beverly Hills, you can now do just that. Los Angeles has a multitude of different pet friendly spots to help you and your pet with separation anxiety. Not only are there great attractions for you and your furry friend, but we also have some rentals that will happily accept your furry friend into the home. When you are looking to stay in Beverly Hills, make sure to check out Luxury Rental Group.


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High Class Amenities

Our Beverly Hills rentals are like no other. Our pet friendly Beverly Hills vacation homes are equipped with top-quality amenities that you will not find in the hotel equivalent. Flat screen TVs and wide, comfortable couches come standard, of course, and the beds are of a higher caliber to ensure a good night’s rest. The kitchens are stocked with everything you need to maintain your routine. Whether that involves toast, coffee, tea, or wine, you’ll find the appliances and dishes you need. Many of the homes are also equipped to house your furry friend. These amenities vary by location but include things like doggy doors, food and dog bowls, and comfy couches for them to lounge about. You and your pets will love these amazing Beverly Hills vacation homes.

Beverly Hills Pet Friendly Spots

There are many pet friendly spots in Beverly Hills that you should visit. One of the best locations is Franklin Canyon. Franklin Canyon is a wooded public park with a picnic area. You can explore Franklin Canyon Park and the Santa Monica Mountains with Fido along the Hastain Trail. The Hastain Trail contains two loops: an easy 1.8-mile loop and a moderate 2.2-mile loop. Leashes are required.

Another favorite is the pet friendly location is Angel City Brewery. Angel City Brewery specializes in craft beer, and they welcomes dogs to join their humans in nearly every area, with the exception of the brewing area. Just keep your dog leashed at all times and clean up after them.

Why Choose Luxury Rental Group

At Luxury Rental Group, we’re committed to creating your perfect vacation. If you are planning a trip to the Los Angeles area, make sure you check out one of our pet friendly vacation rentals to see which one of our Beverly Hills vacation homes would be best for your next trip!

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