The Night Gallery in Lincoln Heights

One of the best parts of a vacation to Los Angeles is the sheer variety of things to do and see during your stay. From plays and shows to hiking and biking to beach days and artsy stuff, there’s enough activities to participate in to last a million lifetimes! The downside, as we just said, is that it could take a million lifetimes to see and do everything there is to do, which is where we come in. Luxury Rental Group takes the time to winnow through everything and narrow down your choices to the best options—options like the Night Gallery in Lincoln Heights, for example, an art gallery that used to only come to life at a time most people are having their final nightcap of the evening.

Located at 2276 E 16th Street

At one time, this avant-garde den of artists was tucked away in a Lincoln Heights strip mall, with the exterior of Night Gallery in no way hinting at the surprises that waited inside. Patrons could drive right by and not know of the wonders found here. Thankfully, you have us to point you in the right direction. Today, it has moved to a more industrial area of town, and the inside of this modern and cosmopolitan space hosts a gathering of explosive talent; this is where some of the most unique and exciting artists in all the nation show their wares, and if you miss out on the experience, you will regret it forever!

What to Expect from the Night Gallery in Los Angeles

Featuring collections from all genres and all artists, you never quite know what you are going to find next during your visit to the Gallery. Paintings that wind around corners, displays of orange electrical cords signifying a condo in New York, sculptures of silver metal, nude photography—if they don’t offer it, it must not be worthy of seeing! In the early days, the Night Gallery in LA didn’t open until 10 PM, but today, at least during the summer, its opens at 12:00PM and closes at 7:00PM, allowing the early birds to get a chance to view the displays that have wowed the art world.

Our Art Work May Not Rival the Night Gallery’s

Once you’re back home, tucked away nicely in one of our Luxury Rental Group vacation escapes, you’ll still appreciate the beauty on our walls as well as the effort we put into making our guests feel comfortable and cherished. Reserve yours today and take a walk on the wild side when you stroll the cutting-edge Night Gallery in Los Angeles.