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If you are looking out your window and seeing sunny skies, mountains in the background, and groups of smiling, happy people, chances are you are already here in Los Angeles and happily ensconced in one of our Luxury Rental Group’s Los Angeles Villa Rentals! If the view from your window is of grey skies, leafless trees, and people bundled up from the cold, it’s time to start planning your California vacation. The longer you wait, the longer it will take you to warm up, and your favorite condo may be taken by someone else!


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Condos in Los Angeles for Rent: Sleekly Contemporary

The key to your happy vacation is in your hand; go ahead and open the door to find the riches beyond! High-end materials signify this Los Angeles Villa is a Luxury Rental Group one, and all your vacation needs are about to be met. Follow the wood floors to a living area that is spacious and bright, with the California sun streaming in through oversized windows that offer views of the LA skyline and the mountains in the background. Plush furnishings invite you to sink down in their velvety depths with a good book and a glass of wine, while the state of the art television hanging on the wall opposite the sofa cheers up the sports lovers in your family; no one will be missing the big game on this vacation!

The kitchen of the Los Angeles Villa Rentals, although sleek and contemporary, is still the heart of the home, and is the perfect place to create healthy meals for your family or to simply heat up leftovers in the stainless-steel microwave; there are no rules on vacation and you deserve a rest as much as the rest of the people in your group!

The tour continues in bedrooms of your Los Angeles Villa Rental that are sanctuaries of peace and happy dreams; crisp white linens feel soft beneath your skin, and the cloud-soft beds guarantee your sleep here will be deeper than you have had in weeks. Spa-like bathrooms complete the tour. Take a look at the soaking tub that’s designed to comfort and soothe. What’s taking you so long to make the decision to visit again?

City Adventures

Every activity is an exciting adventure when spent in a new city, but Los Angeles offers more excitement than the average town. Peer through tinted windows at limousines parked outside expensive eateries; could it belong to your favorite actress? If it’s parked outside chi SPACCA on Melrose Avenue, chances are it very well could be! And if you are a steak eater, your first LA adventure should be here. Chi SPACCA is famous for steaks that are both humongous and tender!

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