Los Angeles Film Festival

movie projector for la film festivalLocated as we are, deep in the suburbs of Hollywood, it should be of no surprise to any of our guests that Los Angeles is home to one of the better film festivals. Utah has Sundance, Cannes has the Cannes Film Festival, and Los Angeles is famous for the L.A. Film Festival, a celebration of the independent films that offer a unique view of the world today! Held June 14th through June 22nd this year, the deadline for submitting films is February 3rd (February 10th if you are an L.A. Film Independent member). If you’re considering your own submission, you better get working on it!

Independent movie buffs, however, have plenty of time to start planning their Los Angeles vacation. This year’s L.A. Film Festival is rumored to be an explosive good time! The movies shown are different each year, and this year’s list hasn’t been released yet, but some of last year’s award winning films have gone on to do great things at the box office!

The US Fiction award winner went to Blood Stripe, while the Documentary Award went to Political Animals—both worthy films we all loved! All total, there are 11 awards issued, including two Audience Awards. Yes, audience members get to choose their favorite Fiction Feature Film and favorite Documentary Film. How excited will you be knowing your opinion matters?

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