Your Los Angeles Bachelorette Party 

Plan your Los Angeles bachelorette party with usWhen your parents were young and preparing to be wed, chances are they went the traditional route. Your dad probably had a rowdy bachelor party with his buddies while your mom had a sedate bridal shower with her mother, sisters, and friends. While the men were partying hard in strip bars, the little women stayed home and made bridal gowns out of toilet paper, oohing and ahhing over plate settings and napkin rings.

Aren’t you glad those days are history? Today’s wedding events may still involve a shower, but both sexes are invited and the women have now joined the party with their own bachelorette shenanigans; the Los Angeles bachelorette party has arrived and the women know how to get it done! Here are a few ideas to ensure your Los Angeles bachelorette party is the event of the century.

The Hollywood Men

6801 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood  

Admit it ladies, we are as interested in seeing scantily clothed men’s bodies as they are in seeing women’s, and The Hollywood Men keep their bodies in tip top condition; they know what we like! Future brides are often incorporated into their shows, allowing you to have the experience of a lifetime!

Beach Barcycle

Safely drink and ride when you do a bar crawl on a beach barcyle: you provide the pedal power and a sober driver steers and turns—no risk of a DUI! In addition to creative drink specials found along the route, each place you stop at will also offer water to keep you hydrated. Bike riding has never been this fun! Learn more at

Funkmosphere at the Virgil

4519 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles 

Put on your dancing shoes and head to the Virgil for a night of 80s funk, boogie, and disco—your lives will never be the same! This comedy and music venue is the only place to be on Thursday nights, but every night is special at the Virgil. Whiskey Wednesdays has been known to put an end to Funky Thursdays though, so be careful!

Pole Dancing Classes at Evolve Dance Studios

5872 and 5876 West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles 

There’s no reason to worry about the sparks dying in your new marriage when you take a few hours out of your wild Los Angeles bachelorette party weekend and learn the art of pole dancing. Your future groom—and the partners of your girls—will thank you for it!

Bonding with Your Girls in Your Luxury Rental Group Vacation Rental

This is a special time in your life, and these women are the ones you want to share it with. Book your Los Angeles bachelorette party accommodations today and begin and end your Los Angeles bachelorette party adventures in comfort and style!