Events Around L.A.

los-angeles-1584089_640With the right amount of planning, your Los Angeles vacation could become the opportunity to take part in one of the many special Los Angeles events that occur each month. We think there’s no better way to get to know the city your vacationing in than by spending time experiencing the city like a local. Dine at our favorite restaurants during Dine L.A. Restaurant Week, watch the latest and greatest movies while exploring the L.A. Film Festival, or celebrate Cinco de Mayo in a way that is uniquely Los Angeles: The Fiesta Broadway in L.A. promises a good music, great food, and some excellent cerveza!









World-Class Events

The above Los Angeles events calendar showing upcoming events in Los Angeles are just a sample of what to expect at various times throughout the year. Pick almost any month and you will be guaranteed to find a popular event or festival that will interest you, especially if you love good food and drink! Late spring and early summer are the times we are focusing on here, but don’t limit yourself to visits during that time; Los Angeles is exciting any time of the year, and our Luxury Rental Group vacation homes will always be here to give you a soft place to land in comfort and style. Book yours today and explore the events in Los Angeles and the festivals that make Los Angeles unique!