Shopping – Los Angeles Downtown Attractions

Los Angeles is known as one of the major fashion hubs in the world. Trends are set in Hollywood and a lot of companies make their clothes in the city. These two factors make LA the perfect place to take a shopping trip. Although the city of stars is not known for being inexpensive, you can find some really good deals on clothes in town. You will have the opportunity to buy threads everywhere you go, but here are a few Los Angeles downtown attractions where you will find the best deals.

Los Angeles Downtown Attractions

Although it may not be the best place to take a stroll at night, Downtown LA is a great place to shop during the day. You can stock up for the holiday season in the toy district, where you will find both well-known and obscure games and toys at a deep discount. There are many clothing stores in the area where $100 can easily buy you a week’s worth of casual duds or the perfect little dress for a night on the town.

Before experiencing Los Angeles downtown attractions, you may want to go on the internet and Google “sample sales” in Los Angeles. These sales are often held in downtown and will give you the opportunity to buy clothes from top designers at a deep discount.

Hollywood Boulevard

A lot of touristy places will try reaming you when you buy gifts for all your friends, but you can get some pretty good deals on this famous street. Souvenir tee shirts and shot glasses are often sold at a price of three for $15, and stores will often have flash sales where you can get a sweatshirt or mug for $5.00.

Thrift Shops

You haven’t really been to a Goodwill until you’ve been to the one near Rancho Palos Verdes. Wealthy people will discard their fancy duds at this hidden gem and you can get some great deals on designer clothes. There are a lot of retired television stars who live in these hills and you may just end up with a sweater that once warmed a Love Boat regular or a jumpsuit in which a starlet sweated.

Where to Stay

Although clothing may be cheap, hotels and motels in Los Angeles are not. You could go on a discount travel website to find a room, but the places that they call three and four-star hotels are often the kinds of establishments written about by such Los Angeles icons as Raymond Chandler and Charles Bukowski. Why not let the professionals at Luxury Rental Group find you a fabulous home with huge living rooms comfortable bedrooms and state of the art kitchens? Give us a call today at 800-712-2100.