A Journey for Los Angeles Health and Wellness

A woman at the spa enjoying Los Angeles healthCalifornia has long been America’s epicenter of alternative medicine and health practices. There are so many different Los Angeles health and spas centers that a person could easily spend an entire week on health and wellness alone. The publicity experts in our town have brought some of the world’s most obscure and unusual health practices to the public’s attention and there are many places in town to try them out for yourself.

Just Float

Flotation therapy or isolation therapy has been around since the mid-fifties. A flotation tank has no light or sound and is filled with 800 pounds of Epsom salt and six inches of water that is neither hot or cold. Patrons float on top of the salt water and experience a weightless feeling. Floating feels like taking a nap in outer space, and people who float on a regular basis have reported that it helps them with anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Just Float is the world’s largest flotation therapy center and offers discounts for first time floaters.

The Day Spa at Ojai

Nestled in a valley of the Topatopa Mountains, the affluent town of Ojai is famous for its spas and alternative Los Angeles health practices. The Day Spa offers state of the art infrared saunas and ultrasound facials. Director, Kenneth R. Kafka, MD, practices herbal and nutritional therapy and can put you on a diet that will cleanse your aura and give you a nice tush as well.

Soul Cycle

This famed spinning studio is a great place to get some exercise while celebrity watching. Although spin technically started in New York, it gained fame in Los Angeles, and celebrities such as Oprah, Michelle Obama, and Katie Holmes are fans of the trendy spin class. Bring your credit card; the business model is designed around exclusivity, and a single class will cost over $30.00.

Where to Eat

Some of the best vegetarian restaurants in the world are in Los Angeles. Eat with your hands at Rahel Ethiopian Vegan Cuisine or enjoy a fancy plate of mushrooms at My Vegan Gold.

Where to Stay for Los Angeles Health

You could always stay at a hotel or motel, but the tiny rooms, questionably clean sheets, and noisy neighbors may counter the effects of all the things you have been doing for your good health. Why not stay in a private vacation home with a big living room, fully equipped kitchen and comfortable bedroom? The rental professionals at Luxury Rental Group can find you the perfect place to stay, call us today at (800) 712-2800.