A Journey for Dog Lovers to Los Angeles

A french bulldog laying on the beachYou are planning a visit to California and you are looking for the perfect itinerary for you, your dog, and the rest of the family. There are plenty of things to do for a dog lover in Los Angeles, from parks to hikes to restaurants. From the pure breeds who you will see strutting their stuff on Rodeo Drive to the rescue dogs on the leashes of celebrities, Los Angeles is a great place to visit for a dog and a dog lover.

Where to Meet Dogs

If your dog likes to socialize, make sure to take them to any one of the many dog parks in the area. Put a vintage collar on your baby and walk to Silver Lake Dog Park, where he or she can mingle with some of the hippest dogs you will ever meet. The Griffith Dog Park is surprisingly quiet and offers some great views. Laurel Canyon Dog Park is the best of the bunch because it offers a fenced-off area for small dogs and is in a lovely area which offers a lot of seating.

Where to Dine

Some people may just buy a bag of dog food when they arrive in LA and pour it into a paper bowl, but you know that your dog deserves a culinary adventure on your vacation. There are several restaurants that offer dog-friendly patios and burgers with no buns.
Plan Check Kitchen and Bar greets dogs with cheeseburger-flavored dog treats. If you have a poodle, make sure to show him off at Le Petit Paris, where they have a large dog patio. Muddy Paw Café is a great place where you can try to meet your dog’s energy levels. The Dog Bakery in the grove offers plenty of tasty treats for your best friend.


The Zoom Room is an indoor dog park with all kinds of toys and obstacles for a dog and dog lovers in Los Angeles to enjoy. Two Hands Four Paws offers a doggie swimming class.

Where For Dog Lovers in Los Angeles to Stay

Some hotels allow dogs, and some don’t, but is a hotel really a good place to keep a dog? Why not stay in your own rental home with a big living room with lots of seating, comfortable and quiet bedrooms, and even a fully-equipped kitchen? You can cuddle up with your dog and enjoy a movie and cook and enjoy a family meal. The rental professionals at Luxury Rental Group can find you a beautiful home that comes with a dog bed and bowl for your friend. Give us a call today at 800-712-2800.