Los Angeles Vacation Attractions For Adventure Seekers

You are visiting Los Angeles for the first time and you want to make your vacation a truly unique and adventurous experience. You want to skip the studio tours and bus rides to movie stars homes that are so prevalently offered in town and instead challenge yourself and make memories that will last forever. Fortunately, our city offers plenty of Los Angeles vacation attractions for adventurous tourist to enjoy. Whether you are a nature lover or a thrill ride enthusiast, you will find your bliss in the city of angels.

Watersports – Los Angeles Vacation Attractions


There are a lot of different ways to enjoy the water in LA. You can ride the tasty waves at Venice Beach or head over to the OC’s Sunset Beach to go kite boarding. If you want to feel like you are flying over the water, take a parasailing lesson at Dana Point. If you want to test your navigational skills, head over to Long Beach or San Pedro, where many experienced instructors offer sailing lessons.

Six Flags Magic Mountain

This theme park offers many exciting rides, including Full Throttle, which is a roller coaster that has an upside-down loop of 160 degrees. You will experience three different launches at 70 miles an hour, including one launch that goes backwards. You can also take a spin on the world’s fastest and tallest pendulum ride which is called Crazanity. The ride swings 170 feet in the air at speeds of 75 miles per hour. The ride is even better at night when you will have a view of the colorful lights of the amusement park—if you have the guts to open your eyes as you swing wildly back and forth.

OUE Skyspace

The downtown US Bank building’s observation deck offers a panoramic view of the city. It also offers a fully enclosed 45-foot glass slide which you travel down on a mat. The slide is on the exterior of the building and is 1000 feet in the air.

Where to Stay

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