Hollywood Museum

Fun Things to Do for Spring Break in Los Angeles

For millions of people around the world, Los Angeles is a dream destination city. It’s where you come to enjoy the sun, the beach, and Hollywood. But LA is more than just that. It’s a fascinating experience where the weather conspires with the dream makers in the city to enchant the visitors and locals alike. Enjoy a spring break in Los Angeles and enjoy a magical getaway!

Celebrity Hotspots

Let’s face it, you come to LA hoping to run into your favorite star. After all, they do go to restaurants and stop by for a quick coffee break every now and then. The chances of meeting one of your Hollywood idols is quite good, especially if you know where to find them. All you need to do is take one of the bus tours that explore the swanky side of LA where the celebrities live. You may not see Iron Man himself, but you will see the magnificent homes of all your idols. Another tour will take you behind-the-scenes to the filming locations where some of the biggest blockbusters were shot.

Hollywood Museum

If you can’t catch your stars, the second-best thing is to visit the Hollywood Museum. It’s packed with fun facts, props from legendary movies and TV shows, and will tell you the whole history of Tinseltown. Whether you’re a movie buff or have a casual interest in everything about movies, the museum is the perfect place to reacquaint yourself with some of the iconic props in the world of the silver screen. Photos of the stars next to their dressing rooms always make this a favorite destination in LA.

Universal Studios Hollywood

A visit to LA doesn’t count if you haven’t been to Universal Studios Hollywood. The back lot gives you an intimate look at how movies are made. Some of these are active scenes where real shows and movies are being shot. Next, it’s time to visit the theme park. The rides and exhibits will transport you to another world where fantasy replaces the cruel and drab reality in which we live.

When Luxury is Everything

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