Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Los Angeles

So, you might be a little surprised to find a cemetery on our list of Los Angeles landmarks and tourist attractions, but this is the land of fantasy, make believe, and some very famous movie stars. Why wouldn’t you want to see the final resting place of some of your favorite Hollywood legends? Besides, Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Los Angeles is more than just a final resting place; it’s an event venue, an art museum, and home to some of the world’s most beautiful stained glass and marble pieces. Your California vacation will be enhanced by a visit here—just trust us!

Located at 6300 Forest Lawn Drive

There are actually six Forest Lawn cemeteries, each featuring their own unique art and exhibits, but for brevity’s sake, we’re going to limit today’s discussion to the one in Los Angeles. Located in the Hollywood Hills not far from Griffith Park, the presidential statues of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln found here are some of their greatest examples of American artwork. Also home to the world’s largest historical mosaic, called the Birth of Liberty, Forest Lawn’s collection is absolutely amazing. The Birth of Liberty showcases the trials and tribulations our forefathers suffered through in a grand and colorful mural; see battles in the courtroom, on the battlefield, and other historic moments that made our country what is it today.

Tour the historic churches found on the grounds, take a leisurely stroll across Forest Lawn Memorial Park and taking time to enjoy the statues, or simply sit and enjoy the pond and its fountain—one of the centerpieces of this lovely stretch of land. And as we stated earlier, many of the golden era of Hollywood’s stars are buried here, including Bette Davis, Stan Laurel, and the inimitable Liberace. Current era stars that have made Forest Lawn their final resting place include David Carradine and Brittany Murphy. Maps of the cemetery can be found at the entrance. You may not have been able to meet them while they were still alive, but their spirits will be happy to see that you have never forgotten them.

Where the Living Rest

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