Five Healthy Los Angeles Restaurants to Eat at Post Fourth of July

Each holiday has its necessary foods, and for the 4th of July, that’s usually hamburgers and hot dogs. But, it may not be wise to enjoy these every day of the year! It isn’t just a matter of portions, either—Independence Day food is usually slathered in surprisingly sugary sauces, and loaded with condiments that are chock-full of preservatives. If you feel like you need to distance yourself from your culinary choices of this Tuesday, look for these restaurants for healthy LA dining:

M Café

M Café offers a surprising smorgasbord of everything you could want from LA dining, from fried rice to burgers to pastries to sushi. The one common theme? M Café specially avoids common health pitfalls, such as refined sugars and red meat. Plus, with three Los Angeles locations (Beverly Hills, Brentwood, and Melrose), it won’t be hard to find!

EVO Kitchen

EVO Kitchen makes this healthy LA dining list thanks not only to their healthy options—it deserves a spot here because it caters to virtually everyone. Their salads, wraps, and pizzas are highly customizable, making it a great restaurant for those with various dietary restrictions. Those looking to cut back can enjoy light dishes emphasizing vegetable, while the unapologetic carnivores can pile their pizza with meat! EVO Kitchen is on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood.


Don’t think vegetables can be a complete meal? Madcapra may change your mind! This falafel shop makes vegetables the star of every dish, from sandwiches to salad. If you need a great palate cleanser after a meaty Independence Day, then this restaurant is for you! It thrives in Down Town LA’s competitive Grand Central Market, so you know you’re in for a treat!

Café Gratitude

We all have that something we’re trying to cut—for some it’s fats, for others carbs. If you’re trying to cut preservatives, check out Café Gratitude, a chain that has spread across LA. They emphasize not only vegan options, but ones made with organic foods, locally sourced. Whatever you get here, you’ll know it’s as fresh as feasibly possible!

Mainland Poke Shop

Starring the Hawaiian raw fish delicacy poke, this restaurant is delicious and healthy too! The key is that poke bowls are highly customizable—pick the healthier options and both your heart and taste buds will be happy! Plus, their policy of never freezing their fish means you’re always eating fresh. This seafood shop is located near Marina del Rey.

Luxury Rental Group for Luxury Meals and Healthy LA

And of course, eating in is always an option, especially if you have an updated kitchen like those featured in our luxurious rental homes. Head to the farmer’s market and return with some great ideas for a meal that’s entirely you! If custom healthy eating sounds like a must for your dream vacation, call us at 800-712-2800 to book with us today!

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