Fiesta Broadway L.A.

fiesta-horseFor 28 years, Los Angeles has been celebrating Cinco De Mayo with a hugely popular festival that attracts visitors from all over the world. The Fiesta Broadway in L.A. will be held on Sunday, April 30th this year, allowing you to celebrate twice in Los Angeles—if you plan your trip accordingly! Billed as the “Largest Latino Event in the Largest Latino Market,” this party celebrates everything Latino-in a very large way; over 300,000 festival goers are expected this year!

Free admission means you can save your money for the important things, authentic Mexican food, fun carnival games and rides, and, of course, beer! A good cerveza makes the best celebration even better, and the Fiesta Broadway in L.A. offers a huge selection of the best cervezas, promising that this party will be one to remember.

Local Latino artists will be selling their wares. Some of your favorite musical artists, as well as a few up and coming ones, will be performing and signing CDs, and those who enjoy an afternoon of people watching will find this event ends too soon. There’s too much to see and too much to do for a one-day event, and the party always ends before you are ready!

Fortunately, there is next year to look forward to. Fiesta Broadway in L.A. (taking place on Broadway and the streets surrounding our City Hall) is so much fun, we predict you’ll be coming back year after year after year. Book your vacation rental from Luxury Rental Group today; April 30, 2017 is just around the corner!