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Dog-Friendly Activities and Attractions in Los Angeles

When you take a moment to imagine the perfect family vacation, does your fantasy include ALL the members of your immediate family, including the four-legged ones that do nothing but show you unconditional love and loyalty every minute of their lives? If not, we have to ask, why? Are you planning on leaving sweet Sadie the Saint Bernard in doggy day care back home, pining away for you while being forced to stay in a kennel for many hours of the day?

When you stay in a pet-friendly Los Angeles Luxury Rental Group vacation escape, there’s no need to leave ANY member of your family behind, and because we love your pets as much as we love our guests, we are providing this list of dog-friendly activities and attractions in Los Angeles that will allow all of you to experience the vacation of a lifetime!

Your Pet Friendly Los Angeles Fun Starts Now!

Visiting where the superstars live has more perks than you know, and those perks start with a visit to the Electric Dusk Drive-In at 2930 Fletcher Drive. This homage to days long gone has been updated, allowing today’s generation to experience the charm and fun of a drive-in movie, and frisky Fido is invited to join in the fun at no added cost!

Live the luxe life with a ride in a Top Tour Limo at 7013 Hollywood Boulevard; one pet is allowed to join in for each tour. Tours include a Hollywood Sign Tour, Shopping Tours, and tours that lead you by the homes of your favorite stars!

Walks around Echo Park Lake (751 Echo Park Avenue) are enhanced by the presence of your leashed dog, and the views of the sun setting over the mountains. Hike through the Mandeville Canyon, with its breathtaking views of the valley and the lake below.

Dining at Fred 62, located at 1850 North Vermont Avenue, is made extra special by the French toast for which they are famous and the presence of your loyal companion; this is just one of many dog friendly restaurants that dot the landscape of our favorite place on Earth!

Reserve Your Luxury Rental Group Pet-Friendly Vacation Escape Today

It’s time to discover the difference between standard vacation rental companies and the one that puts their guests, and their guest’s pets, first!

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