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Arrive In Style

Our Concierge can give you the Los Angeles experience of a lifetime.

When you arrive at Los Angeles Airport (LAX), a driver can whisk you away from the busy terminal to your luxury L.A. rental home, perhaps one of our beautiful contemporary palaces in Beverly Hills. When your black car pulls up to the house, a friendly client ambassador awaits you — they’re ready to give you a personal tour of the luxury LA rental property and its features. After all, you’ll probably want to know how to turn the pool heat up or use the sauna after that long flight, right?

Head-Turning And Heart-Racing

Don’t forget the wheels with a whip worthy of the stars. If you desire, we can park a ready to roll high-end rental car in the driveway of your luxury L.A. rental home so you don’t have to fuss with the details. Let us unlock the doors to the most sophisticated vehicles and supercars available — redefining the notion of an exhilarating vacation.

Your Private Chef

A Luxury Rental Group home often features large dining and entertaining spaces. Make the most of your surroundings and entertain your guests with a private, personal chef and service staff. Let our Los Angeles concierge book top-tier talent fluent in preparing virtually every cuisine and genre of food imaginable — whether it be a southern barbecue with all of the fixins’, an Indian inspired buffet, or a culinary tour-de-force meal with multiple complex courses and wine pairings.

Access To The Hottest Restaurants & Events

Some restaurants in Los Angeles only accept reservations certain times during the month, and the best of the best are usually full months in advance — unless you know somebody. Now you do. While we can’t make any absolute promises, Our Los Angeles concierge staff has been known for our exceptionally skilled ability for getting reservations at the most desirable hot spots in LA. We also offer VIP game access to the major sporting teams – Lakers, Kings, Rams, Chargers, Clippers, Galaxy, and Dodgers — and major metropolitan theme parks such as Disneyland, Universal Studios, and others.

Villa Pre-Stocking

You’ll find high-end kitchen and cooking appliances in our luxury L.A. rental homes. Use this experience as a personal culinary getaway or create the most incredibly romantic fare scene. Imagine a candlelit dinner with the stunning backdrop of the sparkling twilight Los Angeles skyline from your Hollywood Hills patio terrace. As always, our personal shoppers supply any type of fresh or dry goods, vegetables, and fruit for your stay — whether it be organic, vegetarian, kosher, non-GMO, gluten-free, etc — already fully stocked in the fridge or pantry for you.

Need some drinks? Our Los Angeles concierge staff can also satisfy any wine, liquor or beverage needs — in whatever quantity, as well as standard or exquisite varieties.

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