Chinatown Summer Nights

This summer, join an event in Los Angeles that is part food event and part summer party: Chinatown Summer Nights! This exciting event brings together the culinary offerings of Chinatown mixed with the vast lineup of LA’s gourmet food trucks. You can sample the many dishes offered by the vast lineup while watching the chefs perform their cooking miracles before the delicious food reaches your mouth. Not only will their food be found on deck waiting for you to try, but outdoor video projections will wow the eyes as well. The Chinatown Summer Nights is a collection of delicious food, Chinese cultural activities, cold craft beer, and a dance party all featured in this historic neighborhood.

When the Fun Starts

This year’s Chinatown Summer Nights will be occurring on the last Saturday of each month this summer. Make sure if you are in town on June 30th, July 28th, or August 25th you check out this local phenomenon. Each event runs from 5:00pm to midnight, giving you plenty of time to try out all the tasty dishes before showing the crowd your sweet dance moves. Chinatown Summer Nights will be staged at the Central Plaza and Mandarin Plaza in Chinatown with plenty of parking and ride sharing opportunities available.

Vast Line-Up of Fun

Not only will local restaurants and food trucks be on hand to start the night off, but there will be an additional lineup of exciting activities to explore. Music and dancing will be provided by the KCRW DJs and with local bands showcasing the LA Weekly Stage. Browse the incredible selection of local wares with the artist and flea market. Family-friendly cultural workshops will allow you and your family to explore and understand the Chinese culture with hands-on activities. This event is perfect for families looking to explore the city or groups of friends looking to enjoy a night on the town.

Preparing Your Trip

Contact one of our rental experts today to see how we can help you find the perfect luxury vacation rental that will be close to all of the events in Los Angeles, including the Chinatown Summer Nights. You will be just a short drive away from your luxurious lodgings, giving you the perfect Los Angeles vacation getaway. Check out Chinatown Summer Nights this summer for an evening filled with delicious food, hands-on activities, and all of the local music you could want.

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