Biking in Los Angeles 

Los Angeles bikingExercise is a big key to healthy living, yet it is something we often forget to participate in while vacationing, leading to a few extra pounds “suddenly” appearing where we need them the least upon our return home! Some of us, however, realize that vacationing isn’t an excuse for not working out, and we find ways to incorporate some exercise into our vacation shenanigans. Los Angeles biking is a great way to do just that and enjoy some of Los Angeles’s outdoor activities!

We Californians appreciate a healthy lifestyle, and our weather is amazing year-round, so it’s great to be able commune with nature as we increase our fitness level. We’ve compiled a list of Los Angeles biking trails throughout the area that will give you an even greater appreciation of what makes Los Angeles outdoor activities so wonderful, as well as a list of bike rental places; we don’t expect you to pack your bike in your carry-on!

Where to Rent a Bike

Because Los Angeles biking is such a big deal here, you won’t have to go far to find a place that rents bikes of all types. Just Ride LA is a local favorite, located at 1626 S. Hill Street in Los Angeles. Bikes and Hikes LA features a wide variety of bikes for rent, and they even offer guided tours as well! Located at 8250 Santa Monica Boulevard in Los Angeles, the hiking and Los Angeles biking tours offer a unique way to learn more about our wonderful city! A new way to rent a bike in LA is through the Metro Bike Share. Bike stations are set up all over the city; you can get a map at Simply buy a pass, pick out your bike, and ride. Bikes can be returned at any station around LA that has room.

Where to Ride

Los Angeles is one of our favorite places on earth, and with miles and miles of bike trails available to you, the only difficult part about seeing the town aboard two wheels will be narrowing down your choices of where to ride! Take the LA River Bike Path on Legion Lane and feel the peace that overtakes you as glide along the water. Feeling hungry? Stop at Wax Paper for a sandwich; it’s on the LA River Bike Path! Majestic views can be yours when you choose to take the Sullivan Canyon Trail, an easy trail on Bayliss perfect for hiking and biking. Finally, if you’re interested in getting some people watching in during your ride, the Venice Beach Boardwalk has the Los Angeles biking path for you! Venice Beach attracts the best and the most unusual local residents and can be a fun way to spend an afternoon.

After a day of biking through Los Angeles, you might like to enjoy a great vacation rental to stay in. If that’s the case, then click here to book one of our luxury vacation rentals today!