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Top Restaurants in Los Angeles for Winter Comfort Food

For many, traveling to Los Angeles during the wintertime is a break from the frigid temperatures elsewhere in the United States. Even though LA is a city known for sunshine, warm weather and beaches, sometimes when traveling you still want to enjoy something that is a bit hearty. There are numerous places that you can visit in Los Angeles to satiate your winter comfort food cravings. The following are some of the top restaurants in Los Angeles for winter comfort food.

Nickel Diner

Diners are always a go-to when you want a good meal that reminds you of home. Nickel Diner in Downtown L.A. is quite popular for offering all the classic comfort foods with a unique twist. Come hungry, because the menu here is sure to have you salivating. Breakfast offerings include warm pancakes topped with blueberry compote and house specialties such as corned beef and eggs. Stroll in during lunchtime and pick up a pulled pork sandwich with a side of hand cut fries. The desserts really draw you in with the maple bacon donuts and the home-made ding dongs. The prices are decent, and the food is good. When it comes to comfort food, that’s all that you really want.

Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles

Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles is a must-visit for anyone that loves classic comfort food. This eatery has earned an undisputed reputation for its chicken and waffles drizzled in syrup. While chicken and waffles are Roscoe’s claim to fame, you’ll also enjoy some of their other menu offerings such as hot water cornbread, red beans and rice, collard greens and the comfort food favorite, macaroni and cheese. With several locations, Roscoe’s makes it convenient for you to get your comfort food fix.

The Parks Finest

If you are looking for comfort food with a Filipino flavor, The Parks Finest is the top restaurant in Los Angeles for winter. Here you’ll get to enjoy BBQ with a Filipino twist. This is meat fired on the grill and seasoned to perfection. Some of the menu offerings include San Pablo pulled pork, Mama Leah’s coconut beef, and Mt. Taal Chicken. Make sure to pair up your meat selections with the smoked gouda mac or some elote. At The Parks Finest, the taste of Filipino party food is sure to comfort your stomach and soul.

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