A DJ at a Los Angeles Party

Los Angeles Party Lover’s Guide to the Area’s Nightlife

Welcome to the City of Los Angeles, where the nightlife is always lively! If you visit LA, you have to have a night out on the town at least once. With the many nightspots in Los Angeles, it can be hard to choose where to go. Perhaps you’ll decide to bar crawl over several nights in order to get the full Los Angeles nightlife experience. Here are a few clubs that you should consider checking out to truly enjoy a Los Angeles party in style.


Poppy is Los Angeles’s answer to the next level in club décor and atmosphere. This club is posh, and that is putting it lightly. Upon setting foot into Poppy, you are carried into a world of lavishness. Each room has its own particular theme and is accented with warm colors, intricate upholstery and tapestries, and luxurious decorations. The lighting is very atmospheric, perfect for lounging and sipping a cocktail. There is both an indoor and outdoor patio for dancing and socializing as well as role-playing hostesses serving up drinks. When you come to Poppy, you feel as if you’ve walked into a surrealistic painting. Poppy is truly a nightlife experience like no other.

The Peppermint Club

Located in West Hollywood, when you step into the Peppermint Club, the vibe is sleek and sexy. Here you’ll get to enjoy live music in a way that you’ve probably never experienced. The club has a throwback 60s vibe that is enhanced with a lounge that features dark tones and lush fabrics. You’ll get to enjoy true musicianship in a setting that screams comfort and style, and experience one hell of a Los Angeles party. The Peppermint Club regularly features live acts, and you won’t miss a beat with the state-of-the-art sound system.

The Mint

Since 1937, The Mint continues to hold a special place in the hearts of those that appreciate live music. It is one of the few clubs in the area that continues to provide a space to enjoy live musical performances. Catering to soul, folk and jazz music, those that frequent The Mint is seeking an exceptional musical experience. The Mint steadily fills its calendar with an assortment of musicians seeking to share their talents with an appreciative audience. This is definitely a go-to spot if you appreciate good, live soul, folk and jazz music.

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