Seven Bed Vacation Rentals in Los Angeles

Known as the City of Angels, Los Angeles is comprised of everything you need to make your vacation heavenly. Whether you’re looking for a week full of rest and relaxation or an action-packed weekend, you won’t be disappointed by all that the area has to offer. In the heart of this versatile city, Luxury Rental Group is proud to represent the area’s most aesthetically appealing and amenity-rich luxury vacation rentals in Los Angeles. Our seven bedroom vacation rentals in Los Angeles are some of the most sought out options, ideal for bigger groups of travelers.


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Why Choose One of Our 7 Bedroom Luxury Vacation Rentals in Los Angeles?

Is there anything better than coming back to a comfortable place after a long day of sightseeing or exploring when you’re on vacation? This is why so many people choose to forego the conventional hotel room and elect to get the most for their money in a private luxury vacation rental in Los Angeles instead. When you’re traveling with several friends or family members, renting a property that everyone can stay in together will encourage more bonding time, provide extra space, allow you to split the costs, and give you the opportunity to live like the locals.

7 Bedroom Amenities & Features

Our portfolio of seven-bedroom luxury vacation rentals in Los Angeles includes properties that accommodate approximately 12-14 guests. While sweeping views and impressive construction are the first things you’ll notice upon arrival, these vacation rentals in Los Angeles will continue to excite as you move from room to room taking it all in. Luxury furniture and décor creates an atmosphere of opulence that is only enhanced by the array of amenities available, which may include features such as an intimate fireplace area, patio, pool, fire pit, and media room.

How to Spend Your Time in the L.A. Area

There is no shortage of ways to spend your time in Los Angeles. From concerts, culture, and cuisine to festivals, theme parks, and iconic beaches, the choices are immeasurable. Our luxury vacation rentals in Los Angeles are situated throughout the city, ensuring you have easy access to anything you wish to see or do.

Let Luxury Rental Group Make Your Vacation a Memorable Experience

At Luxury Rental Group, we understand that one of the most important parts of planning your getaway is deciding where you’ll stay. Because you already work hard enough to earn your vacation time, we make it our job to keep you from having to exert any more energy trying to organize the perfect trip. Hospitality is our specialty, and with our streamlined booking process, you can rest assured your accommodations will be taken care of in no time. Our staff will put in the time it takes to get to know your needs and preferences so we can help you select the vacation rental in Los Angeles that’s most fitting.

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