5 Relaxing Activities in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a busy, exciting city—but sometimes it’s a little too much for out-of-towners! That’s why it’s good to know where you can go to get a break from it all. Look into one of these activities to catch a break from the bustling LA life.


There are plenty of places in the City of Angels that invite people in to declutter their minds and relax their bodies. If you’re interested in meditation in conjunction with other exercises like yoga and tai-chi, we’re your city. One of the most popular places to go is the Lake Shrine Temple, which carefully crafts a place away from the city noise.

Los Angeles Golfing

Blending a pleasant walk with a test of skill, golf is another great way to stay active while relaxing in LA. Plus, the Los Angeles area features over 16 courses, so you’re sure to find one near you that fits your Los Angeles golfing skill level. From Angeles National Golf Course in the north to Los Verdes Golf Course in the south, you’re never far from golfing here. Just remember that it’s just a game, and you’ll find the experience pleasantly relaxing!

Visit the Beach

The beach is the perfect place to clear your head—no matter how many other people there are, the calm call of the waves and the distant cries of gulls will always help wash away the stress. Whether you’re here to sunbathe or dip your feet, you leave a beach feeling refreshed. Los Angeles, of course, has plenty of beaches to choose from. There are the popular choices like Santa Monica State Beach and Venice Beach, but consider some of the smaller beaches such as El Matador State Beach and Will Rogers State Beach for some extra seclusion when relaxing in LA.

Walks in the Park

Even in Los Angeles, a park can’t help but be relaxing. There are numerous parks throughout the city where taking a walk, relaxing on a bench, or just people-watching never gets old. While some parks, such as Griffith Park and Los Angeles State Historic Park, are more famous, for a gorgeous spot of respite check out Descano Gardens. This botanical collection is a wonderful place to clear your head. Find it on Descano Drive, about 30 minutes north from downtown.

Spa Treatments

Another way to relax is with a spa—find the right masseuse and you may doze off in the middle of your treatment! There are over two dozen spas in the Los Angeles area, most of them clustered around central LA or in the south near Torrance. From detoxes to deep-tissue massages to hot spring/sauna treatments, it’s hard to beat a spa if you want to feel rejuvenated!

Relaxing in LA, Living in Luxury

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