Four Bed Malibu Vacation Rentals

Malibu is a unique beach town that has captivated the hearts of many of the rich and famous who proudly call it home, as well as the numerous visitors that arrive throughout the year. The perfect climate, incredible waves, and great shopping make this one of the most desirable locations to stay in the Los Angeles area. However, to make sure it’s a truly memorable experience, you must select the accommodations that will best suit your every need. That’s where the team at Luxury Rental Group can help. Our four-bedroom Malibu vacation rentals are the answer to this vital planning detail. 


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Why Malibu Vacation Rentals Are the Ideal Accommodation Choice 

 While a hotel may seem like the easiest route to go, this is far from reality, especially when you book with Luxury Rental Group. We make our reservation process simple, and our Malibu vacation rentals provide far more value than a traditional hotel stay can. Our four-bedroom vacation rentals in Malibu, California offer a spacious, private, and versatile living environment so you can vacation the way you deserve.  

 4 Bedroom Amenities & Features 

 Many of our four-bedroom vacation rentals in Malibu, California are situated right on the beach, with direct access to the white sand and clear blue Pacific Ocean. Along with spectacular views, you can expect our Malibu vacation rentals to be classily furnished and decorated and come with fully equipped kitchens ready for you to prepare your favorite homemade meals. Oftentimes, properties will also feature fitness equipment, outdoor deck or patio, swimming pool, hot tub, fireplace, and laundry facilities. Regardless of the Malibu vacation rental you choose, you’ll find a host of amenities available. From the essentials package you’ll find waiting for you upon your arrival to the dedicated 24-hour concierge, it will be clear to all our guests that Luxury Rental Group knows what people want and need for the perfect vacation.  

 How to Spend Your Time in Malibu 

 There are countless ways to spend your time in Malibu. Whether you’re looking forward to relaxing on the beach, getting in some shopping at the Malibu Country Mart, exploring the different hiking trails, going wine tasting in the Malibu Mountains, or simply strolling along the Malibu Pier, you won’t have any trouble trying to figure out fun ways to occupy your time.  

 The Perfect Day 

 After waking up in one of our Malibu vacation rentals, mornings can begin with a cup of coffee and the sun rising over the waters, followed by a hearty and filling breakfast at Marmalade Café Malibu. Located at 3984 Cross Creek Road, the Filet Mignon Chili & Cheddar Omelet is the perfect meal to eliminate hunger and ensure that your energy levels stay high until its time to eat again. Offering a nice selection of vegetarian options and innovative pancake dishes, you may want to visit the Marmalade Café often during your stay in order to try out as many meals as possible! 

 When your meal is complete, a tour of the Adamson House and the Malibu Lagoon Museum at 23200 Pacific Coast Highway is a fun way to walk off some of those breakfast calories. Built in 1929, the Adamson House is an impressive example of what a family beach “cottage” looked like to the extremely wealthy in the early 1900s. The Malibu Lagoon Museum, located on the premises in what was formerly the Adamson House five-car garage, pays homage to the rich and colorful history of the Chumash Indians who were the first inhabitants on this luxurious stretch of beach! 

 When your growling stomach informs you it’s time for lunch, a visit to the Malibu Farm Pier Café is the perfect way to quiet down that roaring beast inside you. Located at 23000 Pacific Coast Highway, the views may distract you from the meal at first, but as soon as your waiter begins to serve you their chicken, bacon, and ricotta “burger,” that distraction will end. They also have a portobello mushroom burger as a tasty option for our vegetarian guests! 

 Your afternoon adventures can begin with a nap back at your luxurious Malibu Beach house, and maybe another walk along the beach? Malibu Lagoon State Beach is known as prime spot for the most talented surfers in the world, and the antics of these athletes can keep you entertained for hours. 

 A visit to Nobu Malibu at 22706 Pacific Coast Highway brings tasty Japanese delicacies and the end to your perfect day in Malibu. A quiet evening enjoying the comforts of our one of a kind Malibu beach house allows you to rest and recharge for tomorrow’s adventures. 

 How Will Luxury Rental Group Make Your Malibu Vacation Extraordinary? 

 Luxury Rental Group specializes in one-of-a-kind Malibu vacation rentals. We are confident that our portfolio of villas, estates, and homes is incomparable to any other properties in the area. Our staff fully understands the importance of choosing the right accommodation out of vacation rentals in Malibu, California for your stay and is available to help you select everything from size and location to amenities and the surrounding view. With so many options, you can be sure we have a match that will not only meet your needs but exceed your expectations as well. In addition to finding you the ideal property out of our Malibu vacation rentals, we also offer concierge services, so you can focus on nothing but enjoying your vacation. 

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