Check Out These Off the Beaten Path Spots in Los Angeles

3 Off the Beaten Path Spots in Los Angeles Only Locals Know About

When visiting Los Angeles, there are tons of experiences to have. Everyone always wants to experience the tried and true destinations that many consider to be a must have for a trip to Los Angeles. If you really want to have a well-rounded experience of Los Angeles, consider checking out several of these off the beaten path spots in Los Angeles!

Swimming Holes

When you think of Los Angeles and California in general, beaches come to mind. While soaking up rays on a beach is great, there are other ways to get your water fix. Consider visiting the swimming holes in Los Angeles. They are located at the Malibu Creek State Park. You will have to walk a bit to get to the swimming holes, but once you are there, you will be in for a treat. These swimming holes are fed by an underground spring so the water is always fresh and cool. The view here is beautiful as you’ll be surrounded by water and all the rocky formations. Make sure to take some pictures while there. Swimming Holes is definitely of the best off the beaten path spots in Park City!

Abandoned Zoo

If you are into exploring relics of the past, the Abandoned Zoo located in Griffith Park is right up your alley. Now, don’t be turned off when you first get there. It may look a bit creepy at first, but it really is a interesting place to explore. This was the old location of the Griffith Park Zoo that closed back in 1966. Now you can walk through and see remnants of its operation. There are old animal enclosures still there, and there are tons of little nooks to explore. You can even spend a day here hiking or having a picnic.

The Museum of Death

If you are intrigued by the weird and deathly, The Museum of Death will keep you entertained. This museum was opened in 1995 as a way to educate the public about death. You will see just about anything related to death here, from instruments used to assist with the death process to crime scene photos. The museum offers a 45-minute tour that is sure to keep you deeply engaged the entire time. The museum is conveniently located in Hollywood.

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